Steven Shaw & Helen Blackburn

Dance Leaders

Husband and wife, Steven Shaw and Helen Blackburn have been encouraging couples to take to the dance floor and enjoy dancing holidays for almost 20 years. Their modern sequence dance holidays include a programme of the latest winning sequence dances and a selection of the most popular modern sequence dances from years past. During their successful professional career they have won the Blackpool Sequence Dance Festival Best Original Sequence Dance title 13 times and have arranged over 103 prize winning dances. Two of their most recognised dances are the Tayside Tango and Saunter Shiraz and in 2013 they received the Carl Alan award for their outstanding contribution to sequence dancing. They have a relaxed, friendly, hosting style, with popular, up to date, sequence music, making your evenings more enjoyable. During their morning dance sessions you will have the opportunity to learn a few of the latest sequence dances to add to your repertoire.