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Bowls Holiday Information

Bowls holidays in Mojacar

In this section you'll find everything you will need to know to make your bowls holiday enjoyable and rewarding:

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Bowls Formats

We offer a variety of different formats for your holiday enjoyment - each different but all characterized by the same attention to service, care and detail.  Here is a brief description of each, to allow you to make a more informed decision about the style of holiday that will suit you.

Personal Touch Touring Weeks

Combining all of the elements of our successful and popular tailor-made club tours, these bring together small groups, couples and individuals to form their own bowls tour.  There will be 3 or 4 bowls matches at local Clubs, depending on the resort you choose.  We also offer mini-excursions to places of local interest before or after games in some resorts.  These are accompanied by our knowledgeable Personal Touch resort managers.  2 bowls per participant are required for these holidays.

Recommend for those of you who would like to bowl at a number of contrasting venues and meet with fellow bowlers from around the world.  If the game is more important than the result and you also want to see a little more of the locality than just your hotel then one of our 'touring weeks' may be just what you're looking for.


Friendly Fiestas

Developed to make the most attractive use of our single green venues, the emphasis during these weeks is on friendly participation.  We gather people from clubs from all over Britain (and sometimes from abroad too!) to play 4 friendly matches against other teams.  Depending on the number of bowlers booked and the number of rinks available, a team will be up to a maxium of 8 rinks and we can usually add or swap bowlers around to make smaller groups into teams of that size.  The final format will depend on the bookings received.  If bookings are limited on certain weeks, we will advise you or your group leader before confirming your booking, as this may result in some 'domestic' games being played in place of matches against opposing teams.  Once again, 2 bowls per person are required.

Recommended for those amongst you for whom the social element of the bowling is as important as the result of a game.  Ideal for individuals, couples and small groups who enjoy mixing with other bowlers and who are happy to bowl on a single green.

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Personal Touch Bowls Co-ordinators

Our overseas bowls co-ordinators manage our 'friendly fiestas' for us and are chosen for their breadth of bowls experience, amiability and general organisational skills. Having been members of the bowling community in the UK for many years, they will usually have travelled with us on our holidays as guests many times prior to taking on the role of bowls co-ordinator and are well-versed in all the elements that make a Personal Touch holiday stand out from the rest. Working closely with our resort managers their aim is to ensure your bowls holiday is a memorable one.

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Making Your Decision

When selecting your holiday, be it for your Club or just for yourself, please consider the following three options:

1. You may select one of our published holidays.

In this case the holiday will operate exactly as printed. If your group is of 20 to 24 people the likelihood is that you will share a coach with another group or other individuals. Personal Touch Holidays will organise all the bowlers on the holiday into teams to play against an opposing side be it bowlers from the UK or from a local bowls club.

2. You may choose that we give you a 'tailor-made' quote.

We achieve the very best rates from the superb hotels we use. In order for us to achieve this we design our holidays very carefully around a price structure that is subject to everyone participating in a particular holiday following the same itinerary. We are happy to adjust a programme and rearrange a holiday to suit your Group's specific requests i.e. changing the number of matches, the included excursions etc. However, due to the additional planning needed to tailor-make a tour, these will usually be slightly more expensive than our published holidays.

3. You may wish to reserve our entire allocation for a particular holiday.

If your group consists of 40+ people and you want to keep the costs to a minimum it may be better to reserve our entire allocation on one of our published dates. This will enable you to take advantage of the published package price, following the itinerary described but with your own exclusive coach transport.

NB. If you need any further advice or clarification please telephone our office for a chat to help you decide.

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Dress Code

Matches will be played in whites with regulation bowls shoes.  For men white, bermuda length shorts are also acceptable.  Ladies may wear trousers, skirts or shorts.  Please remember to bring a sun hat, your 'wets' and a white sweater - just in case.

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On occasions it may be necessary to cancel matches due to adverse weather conditions.  Personal Touch Holidays cannot accept responsibility for this.  In such circumstances every effort  will be made to re-schedule your programme.  Personal Touch Holidays will not give a refund in the event of a cancellation.

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Please Note

Situations occasionally occur in resort that require a little flexibility on the part of participants.  There may be late bookings or late cancellations, guests that have booked to bowl may be unable to for some reason and opposing teams may equally suffer withdrawls or suddenly prove unable to play.  Whilst every effort will be made to adapt to such situations we cannot absolutely guarantee to operate the planned programme exactly as advertised.  Should such circumstances occur, you may be asked to amend your number of rinks, number of ends, play triples or pairs or even play to the opposing team.

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